The Hobo Clown

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Hobo Clown
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One of a very famous Hobo clown is Charlie Chaplin. A Hobo, or also known as the Tramp is very much of a “human-like” and “human-feel” type of clown.

Characteristics of a Hobo clown:
Is the lowliest of clowns. Fall guy for the Whiteface and Auguste clowns. Downtrodden in expression and movements. People care about the melancholy Hobo and want to make him happy.

His makeup consist of:
Upper half of face flesh tone, stubby beard, neutral mouth, white eyes and mouth, pink or red nose.

A Hobo’s costume:
Tattered and worn suit, shabby, often patched, usually too big. Wears a hat.

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The Auguste Clown

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Auguste Clown

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The Auguste clown is my favourite. He tends to create ‘sparks’ during clown acts and the White Face and the Hobo is always at his mercy.

An Auguste has the following characteristics:
Is the opposite of whiteface. He is on the receiving end of whiteface jokes, and because nothing ever goes right for him, people love him and identify with him. He personifies the human condition. Slapstick, prankster, nothing goes right for him, takes the falls but can stand.

His makeup is:
Very exaggerated features, primarily natural flesh tones with white around exaggerated eyes and mouth.

His wardrobe is:
Bizarre, exaggerated, usually two piece suit, colourful (eg big pants, three ties, tiny hat, oversized shoes, colourful wigs). Colour combination is out.

Are you a White Face clown?

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whiteface clown
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If you are a white face clown, you will possess some of these personalities:
Exaggerates childlikeness, vulnerable lover, riskier, truster, idea creator, clever, smart, mischievous, playful, most cheerful of clown types but still has tears and compassion, in all acts they react in dismay to the Auguste’s stupidity.

Your makeup has the following:
Neat, classic style, all white face, simple lines for facial features. Mainly uses black and red colours but may have others, such as blue.

Your costume is:
Neat looking, one-piece jumpsuit or two piece loose fitting pyjama type garment, outfit is usually highlighted with a ruff around the neck and large pompons on the front, colour combination is simple white gloves.

So, are you a White Face clown?

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