The Auguste Clown

August 5th, 2008 No Comments   Posted in Clowning

Auguste Clown

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The Auguste clown is my favourite. He tends to create ‘sparks’ during clown acts and the White Face and the Hobo is always at his mercy.

An Auguste has the following characteristics:
Is the opposite of whiteface. He is on the receiving end of whiteface jokes, and because nothing ever goes right for him, people love him and identify with him. He personifies the human condition. Slapstick, prankster, nothing goes right for him, takes the falls but can stand.

His makeup is:
Very exaggerated features, primarily natural flesh tones with white around exaggerated eyes and mouth.

His wardrobe is:
Bizarre, exaggerated, usually two piece suit, colourful (eg big pants, three ties, tiny hat, oversized shoes, colourful wigs). Colour combination is out.

Clowning & Ballooning Seminar

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Splattered Paint conducted a clowning and ballooning seminar at Subang Jaya AG church on Saturday. In conjunction with the church’s missions week, they wanted to explore the creative side of ministry through clowning and ballooning.

Before the seminar commenced, Hoopee entertained the crowd with balloon sculpting, silly skits and a whole lot of goofing! The young and old were thrilled to have a clown in their midst. Apparently it’s been a long time since an animated character stepped into their premises.

That’s Hoopee!

Adding colour to the carnival, we set up a face painting and attracted huge crowd. Busying our fingers and imagination, we painted all kinds of icons based on request from butterflies to cars to penguins. It’s exciting to see how a little paint and colour instantly dazzles the children’s eyes (even adults for that matter!)

Caleb showing off his painting

Happy customer:)

The seminar lasted for 2 hours and by the end of the session, the participants were asking for more. We basically covered basics of clowning (ie. gestures, different clowns and their characters, make up etc).

And for ballooning, we got straight into action pumping up pencil balloons and twisted it to make a dog, a mouse and a flower.

We can see how easily captivating all of these are to the participants. It’s really fun! We’d be back for more in the future… (a longer seminar we hope!) If you are interested to pick up a new cool skills, give us a tinkle, the Splattered Paint team would be happy to share our knowledge, and many clowning hilarious clowning stories!