Great Party Games (Part 2)

September 7th, 2008 No Comments   Posted in Birthday

You can never have too much games at a party – especially if it’s a children’s party! Trust me, children never get fed up of games, even if it means running around aimlessly for hours! Here are more children’s party games to spice up bash!

Honey I Love You

  • Your group should be sitting in a circle again with one person in the middle.
  • The person in the middle can go to anyone in the circle and say “Honey I love you, won’t you give me a smile?”
  • The person who was asked the question has to answer back “Honey I love you, but I just can’t smile” (without smiling.)
  • The person in the middle can do anything to the other person to make them smile except touch them.
  • The longest standing person in the middle who resist to smile at the statement wins. It can go on and on and on with strings of laughter!

All tangled up

  • Stand in a circle close to each other and have the children place their hands in the center of the group.
  • Grab the hand of someone across the circle. Make sure that children are not holding both hands of the same person. It might take some time to do some hand switching to make this work right.
  • Without letting go of each other’s hands try to untie the mess they created.
  • Be careful not to let children twist someone’s arm too much. Allow children to let go long enough to keep from hurting each other.
  • When they are all untied you will end up with one large circle or two smaller circles.

Sock Wrestle

  • All the children sit in a circle and have to take off their shoes so they are only wearing socks.
  • Every child is given a number.
  • Two numbers are then called out.
  • The children with those numbers come into the center of the circle, and, remaining on their knees, must, in any way possible, get the other person’s sock before they get theirs.