Great Party Games (Part 1)

August 6th, 2008 No Comments   Posted in Birthday

What’s a party without games?! Children parties are all about fun, laughter and more fun! To be honest, I don’t even think they care much about the food. As long as their tummies are filled, it’s games all the way! A few things to take note while planning party games:

  • Always have gifts prepared!
  • There’s always a winner but no losers. Reward everyone for their effort and enthusiasm.
  • Be sure to play music when playing games. It makes all the difference.
  • Explain instructions clearly. Repeat is anyone doesn’t understand.

Here are some examples of great party games:

Hot Potato

  • Have all the children sit or stand in a circle.
  • One child is chosen to be ‘leader’. The ‘leader’ must have his/her eyes closed at all times.
  • The ‘leader’ begins to pass the potato around the circle.
  • Everyone must take the potato and must not hold it longer than one second. The potato goes around the circle.
  • When the ‘leader’ shouts “HOT POTATO!”, the person holding the potato has to leave the circle.
  • The circle gets smaller and smaller until 3 persons are left.
  • The winner is the surviving person besides the ‘leader’ in the circle.

Zoom to the Broom!

  • You will need a broom.
  • The children form a big circle with everyone facing inwards.
  • Each player is given a number. One player stands in the center keeping the broom upright by resting the palm of his hands on the top. (The stick should only be balanced upright and not held)
  • The player in the center calls out a number and removes his hand.
  • The player whose number is called tries to catch the broom before it hits the ground. If the player manages to catch it, he/she takes the place in the center. If the broom falls to the ground, the original person in the center goes back to the center.

Funny Granny Grunt

  • You will need a blindfold and a broom.
  • The children form a circle.
  • Choose one person to be ‘it’ who will be blindfolded. ‘It’ stands in the middle of the circle with a broom in the hand.
  • ‘It’ will tell all the players to move to the right. All players will have to continue moving and not stop.
  • ‘It’ will then spins the broom and stick the broom handle out.
  • The person nearest to the broom grabs it. ‘It’ will then say ‘granny grunt’.
  • The person holding the broom will grunt once. Then ‘it’ will try to guess who the granny is.
  • If the guess is correct, the person will replace ‘it’ and the game starts over again.