Face painting at Funzone, Mont Kiara

December 14th, 2008 No Comments   Posted in Holiday activities

The Splattered Paint team is buzzing around as Christmas inches around the corner. Last Friday, the 12th we got our paints and pallettes working at a Christmas event in Funzone, Mont Kiara. Children gathered around excited to have an icon on their face. More and more trickled in and before we knew it we were surrounded by 70 over children! All waiting their turn to be painted.

Mont Kiara is highly populated by expats, so we had French, Japanese, German and Korean kids tugging at our sleeves. They speak very little English, so images and clip art helped a lot when choosing their design.

The buzz started from 530pm all the way up till 9pm. Here are some pictures to tell:

School Holidays Are Here!

October 29th, 2008 1 Comment   Posted in Holiday activities

School holidays are round the corner and the children will be jumping with glee with so much free time at hand. Why not make use of the free time and organize an activity for them? Pick a day or two, give your baby sitter a break, peel them away from the TV and do something fun! Invite their friends over, co-plan this event and if you need help – call the Splattered Paint team. Here are some ideas we have in plan – feel free to tote up them.

Slumber mania

Slumber Party
A thematic slumber party complete with fluffy pillows and pajamas. Since it’s not a school night, children can stay up all night playing games, watching a movie or hiding underneath a huge blanket listening to stories.

Treasure hunt

Treasure Hunt
Plan an extensive treasure hunt around your neighborhood field, community center or even in our house. Plant clues on trees, under benches and inside cupboards. Test your children’s IQ and get them to solve silly riddles. Make the treasure worth the while (eg. movie tickets, trip to the zoo, a new game on PS2).

Making of superstars

Sit down and come up with a story plot with the children. They will ace you with their juicy ideas. Get the children to play specific role, gather the costumes and start shooting! Once done, have a movie night to playback the video you have just recorded – everyone will have a ball laughing!

Cook like a chef

Cook Like A Chef
Get your children to choose who they would like to invite over for dinner. Send out official invites and plan the menu. Then cook up a storm and decorate the place for the guests.

The Splattered Paint team will be more than happy to organize any one of these activities for you. Get in touch with us today! Contact us.