Army, Water Wars and all thing Macho!

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What’s more ace for a birthday boy than to have a party themed after Army, Wars and all things Macho! We strung tent mats across the restaurant, set up a tent, put up oil lamps and created a rugged field for the party. The children’s table was decked with army print cloth, miniature soldiers and tankers, mess cans, lamps and dried leaves. The kids came and went home with goodie packs wrapped in a bandanna. Needless to say, they were ecstatic after they discovered the treasures that lie within; watch, torchlight, whistle, spock, glowsticks, cannisters and stuff they could use if they were on ‘survival mode’. Check this link gspsy

The best was yet to come, after all the goodies and superb food – it was time for war! Water war, that is. Kids were divided into two teams and a battle challenge was explained. Each team was given water guns as artillery and money to purchase ammunition – water of course. The kids discussed strategies, weighed the odds and committed to battle. War started and a steady stream of “bullets” laced the air. Water, combat and a pool to jump into made it an awesome army party.

Note: Respecting the advice of our client, we will not be posting photos from the water war.


All time favourite: Mickey Party!

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Adthi turned one and his parents thought long and hard for a suitable theme for their first baby. Mickey Mouse and Tigger were the only two characters he vividly recognizes – and so we thought a Mickey/Tigger theme party was most apt.

Thinking of the colour combination for this party was a toughie – with bold colours like black and white, we decided to add in a splash of red and orange (to give credit to Tigger!). The party started at three and we started dolling up the place at 12noon. No space in Tapper’s Cafe was spared – the restaurant was filled with helium balloons, buntings, banners, table centerpieces and hanging mobiles. For betting tips and tricks check this Freeslotscentral free spins no deposit online casino

The weather held up and outdoor terrace was opened to sit more guests… we decorated the entrance with balloon bunches and springy tigger cut outs. Finally at 2.45pm just before the party, the place was ready!

Adthi and his friends were given a surprise treat with the appearance of Mickey Mouse himself. Children pulled and tugged at him, some affectionately hugged him and the birthday boy was beaming and chuckling as his favourite cartoon character greeted him at his 1st birthday party.

With a life size Mickey and sand art for all, this special Mickey/Tigger party was lacking no bounce and every child returned home a gift pack in tow.

Planning the Perfect Birthday Party – Feature

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After being in the business for more than 4 years, we’ve gained a lot of interest and support from friends, family and loyal customers who speak well on our  behalf. Thank you, thank you and thank you! We are so grateful. More about lost relic slot game

We (the team) have learned so much from this journey – from handling the stress of organizing mega events (amidst a full time job!) to the hours of research and experimentation of new ideas for better parties. We’ve enjoyed every bit of it and plan to do more parties in the future.

Recently Splattered Paint was featured in Malaysia’s leading English newspapers, The Star. It sheds light on the party planning scene in KL. Whilst there are very expensive and extravagant options, Splattered Paint is more focused on affordable, memorable and unique parties of saviko. In all our parties we hope to bring back the element of  PLAY because we know that children learn, interact and develop significantly through play. So we’re hoping to do more extraordinary-typed parties in the future!

Enjoy the read…

Planning the Perfect Birthday Party_2 May 2012

You can also view the article online here:

SpongeBob Pool Party

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A dream party for sun soakers and SpongeBob fans! Cheng Loke (the birthday boy) invited a cool bunch of friends over to his community club for an afternoon adventure of treasure hunting, swimming, water gunning and a magic show. Desa Park City’s clubhouse is an ideal place for pool parties with two enormous kiddy pools decked with slides and water toppers and a big adults pool for those who really want a swim. More about south park for adults

When thinking of ways to decorate this place according to the theme, we know we had to incorporate underwater elements and the beach scene. So we hung a net and stringed in underwater elements and of course Spongebob and his buddy Patrick!

Party packs came in the form of blue beachside buckets with a ton of amazing toys and goodies for the children – from waterguns to flying tops to stickers and stationery. The treasure hunt involved running around the pool area in search for clues and hints that eventually led them to the ultimate box of treasure (loaded with yummy treats!).

It was a competitive race – teams huddling to answer treasure hunt questions.

After the treasure hunt, we heard a roar of excitement when we announced that the pool is open for dips. They dashed to grab their water guns and plunged with a massive splash! It was obvious that an hour wasn’t enough for water play. The children left the party wanting for more.

How about a similar dream party for your child? 🙂

Multihued Toddler’s Party

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Only grand daughter and the gem of the family, Shweta Isyanee turned one a couple of weeks ago and her parents wanted something extra special for their little princess. It was a huge family affair and a great reason to celebrate.

Initially Shweta’s mummy requested for a princess theme for her darling but then changed her mind when she saw the design options for the party cupcakes. She decided to go with a colourful / cute toddler theme. Check this extremely fortunate frog creates luck

We decked the porch with balloon bunches and streamers, strung photos of Shweta on the ‘Wall of Fame’ and decorated the tables with simple centerpieces of colourful pinwheels and sparkles.

The kids all received sugary treats of cupcakes decorated with adorable fondant icons. Needless to say, the kids went home skipping in glee and the momentary sugar rush!

Cupcakes that stole Shweta’s mommy’s heart away!

Decked with colour and character, these cuppies were really too good to sink your teeth in!

Finally, a baby girl figurine to top the birthday cake. The little figurine’s dress, head band and shoes were a replicate of what Shweta wore on that day.

Carnival hype at Mayureena’s Party

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It is every child’s dream to bring the carnival to their party. Imagine life-size bouncy inflatables with a sea of colourful balls, coconut trees and huts for hideouts. Imagine booth games with prizes to giveaway. Imagine a counter full of all the candies you can ever think of or imagine, every colour, size and flavour. Imagine a clown and magician walking around dizzying your little friends with awesome tricks and amazing balloon figurines. Imagine a fun photobooth to capture memories and magic of your party.

Mayureena’s a really lucky girl! She had all that plus the company of friends and family at her 1st birthday party. Thanks Mayureena, her mommy and daddy for allowing us to make her birthday a treat for her and her little friends.

Enjoy the photos!

A Chic 9th Party!

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Jasmine who turned 9 chose pink and black as her birthday theme colours. Pretty unusual for a little girl and she is indeed a pretty stylish one too! We laced the place with banners, balloons, streamers, ribbons and confetti.


The morning started off pretty wet and drizzly. It was a good thing canopies kept the guests away from the rain.

When the party kicked in… carnival games, cotton candy, face painting and party games  kept her friends busy and buzzing. It was indeed a party to remember!

Then it was time to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and Jasmine made a wish, cut the cake and the children savoured on creamy butter cake that looked as delicious as it taste.

And finally, a party will be incomplete without a gift to take home. Everyone received a party box filled with awesome goodies and toys.

‘Tweens’ party

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Children are growing up a lot faster these days, their attention span a lot shorter and technology is taking over – ipads, iphones, play station and the list goes on. This was nearly the case at 11 year old Miyi’s birthday party. No shortage of techy items and a bunch of ‘tweens’ to entertain!

Splattered Paint created a whirlwind of party fun with games like Twister, balloon mania, M&Ms race and psychic physician that kept the ‘tweens’ energized throughout. Then we marveled them with some magic tricks and left them jaw dropped.

Miyi’s friends showered her with enormous gifts and sang a hearty “Happy Birthday” before downing the enormous chocolate banana cake and whacking the Pinata for more goodies.

Before the party came to a close, we painted little icons on their hands as a take home souvenir… one to remember (at least until they took their next bath!)

Inflatables, Clowns, Football and MAGIC fun!

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Splattered Paint recently organised a birthday party mixed with inflatables, crazy clowns, magic show, football and toss the can carnival games like! The kids thought they were in some sort of family day or something with so much fun going on!


Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Princess’ Party

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The Splattered Paint team organised a Princess themed party for Qistina! The kids had tonnes of fun through laughter with magician and games provided.

Princess Party

Princess Party

Princess Party

Princess Party

Princess Party

Princess Party